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Real Estate Glossary
Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.

Ma - Mai - Map - Mas - Me - Mes - Mi - Min - Mo - Mol - Mor - Mu
Slang for mortar or gypsum wallboard joint compound. Ceramic tile cement.
Mud Pan
Rectangular container, long enough for a wide taping knife to remove compound, used to hold gypsum wallboard joint compound.
Horizontal piece of pressure-treated board, which is placed and fastened on top of a foundation, upon which the rest of the framing is erected. It is also called a sill plate.
Vertical dividing bar between windowpanes or panels.
Mullion Windows
Two side-by-side windows, separated by a very small distance.
Multi-centered Arch
This arch, also called a flat arch, straight arch, minor arch, segmented arch, or jack arch, has a horizontal top surface, with a span of up to 6 feet, can support loads up to 1,000 pounds per square foot, with a rise to span ratio of 0.15 or less.
Multi-dwelling Property
Residential property containing individual units for several households within the same structure.
Multi-face Fireplace
Fireplace that has two or more sides to open to more than one room.
Multifamily Property
Residential property containing individual units for several households within the same structure.
Multifamily Mortgage
Mortgage that covers a dwelling with more than four units.
More than one layer.
Electric meter that serves more than one function.
Multi-metering Center
For use in multiunit dwelling, the electrical panel has several electrical power recording meters, giving each unit its own meter.
Multi-outlet Strip
AC power supply which houses several receptacles for use when several appliances need to be grouped together, such as a television, VCR, lighting, etc.
Multiple Dwelling
More than one dwelling unit sharing a common wall and roof.
Multiple Listing
Arrangement where the real estate listings of many local agents are provided.
Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
Service combining the listings, in one database, of all the available homes, except those being sold by the owner, in a specific area.
Multiple Offers
More than one offer to purchase a property, which usually occurs in a seller's market.
Multiple Switching
Electrical switches that allow control from several places, such as at either end of a hallway.
Multi-ply Construction
Increasing the fire rating of a structure by using more than one layer of gypsum wallboard.
Having to do with a city or town or its government.
Municipal Housing Inspector
Inspector employed by cities or counties to verify that all contractors are meeting building codes on all construction sites within a specific area.
Municipal Sewer
Also called public sewer, it is the main sewer system to which private sewers are connected.
Muniments of Title
Documentation of ownership, such as a deed.
Also called sash bars, they divide window openings.
Muriatic Acid
Sulfuric acid mixed with water and commonly used to clean brick or other masonry.
Mutual Consent
Two or more parties agree to something.
Mutual Funds
A trust or corporation formed to invest the funds it obtains from shareholders in diversified securities.
Mutual Savings Banks
State chartered banks, which are owned by the depositors and operated for their benefit. Many of these banks hold a large portion of their assets in home mortgage loans.
Mutual Water Company
Business entity providing water services in a particular locality.

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Real Estate Glossary