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Real Estate Glossary
Our glossary is the largest dictionary of real estate and construction terms on the Internet with almost 10,000 definitions.

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  1. To form, make or shape.
  2. A pattern or hollow form used to give a certain shape to something that is poured into it in a molten state.
  3. Furry growth on a surface caused by fungi in the presence of decay or dampness.
Wood used to make concrete forms.
Molding or Moulding
Decorative trim around windows and door openings, ceilings and floors, etc. used to give a better appearance as well as proving protection from jagged edges and helping in preventing drafts. Molding may be made from any material but the most often used material is wood.
Molding Cutter or Head
Rotary cutters, which attach to a table saw or radial arm saw, to shape molding by moving the material past the rotating molding head. The fence can be set to the size of the material and the depth of the cut can be adjusted.
The smallest particle of a substance having one or more atoms that retains the characteristics of the substance.
Molly Bolt
Brand name of a hollow wall fastener, often used with drywall, which has a metal sleeve with internal threads, which is inserted into a hole drilled into the wall. The sleeve has four lengthwise splits around the center. When the screw is tightened inside the sleeve, the prong-like projections of the device expand, putting pressure on the center of the sleeve, collapsing it outward toward the splits. When the bolt is tightened, the end of the sleeve is drawn toward the wall, flaring at the end to anchor it against the back of the drywall.
Monetary Institution Deregulation Act
Depository Institutions Deregulation and Monetary Control Act. Federal law that represents significant decontrol of federally regulated banks and savings institutions, including gradual phase out of limits on interest rates paid on passbook accounts.
Money Market Account
Account that allows individual investors to participate in managed investments and to withdraw funds under most conditions.
Money Market Fund
Mutual fund that pools the resources of individuals for investing in certain managed investments.
Monkey Wrench
A flat-jawed wrench that has one movable jaw, which is adjusted by a screw so, it is able to fit various sizes of nut.
Monolithic Slab
Slab that is part of the footings.
Roof truss with single thickness structural pieces that can be easily joined together.
Monterey Architecture
A nineteenth-century-style, 2-story house with a balcony across the front at the second floor level, which was adopted from the early California Spanish period.
Month-to-Month Tenancy
A tenancy in which no written lease is involved, rent being paid monthly. It can be renewed for each succeeding month or terminated at the option of either party with sufficient notice.
Monthly Association Dues
Monthly payment paid to homeowners' association and used for maintenance and repair in housing that has communal areas.
A fixed object and point established by surveyors to determine land locations.
Mop Board
Molding at the bottom of an interior wall, where the floor meets the wall.
Hot bitumen applied with a mechanical applicator or by hand in ways varying from strips to circular areas.

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Real Estate Glossary